3D Visualisation

At Workshop76 we specialise in realistic CGIs (computer generated images) – otherwise referred to as digital architectural graphics, architectural visualisation or architectural viz. We take pride in bringing your designs to life; giving you the chance to present, promote, sell, enjoy and experience your building before a single brick has been laid.

As with everything we do, at the core of our approach is a personal service tailored to suit your aspirations and project requirements. Matt Lowther will work closely with you to develop images which best sell your design. Images like these put flesh on the bones of your design ideas, giving you an accurate idea of the finished appearance of your project before you commit to a construction programme. They are also invaluable for generating interest and publicity.

The Process


First of all, in broad terms, let us know what sort of image you have in mind. Is it an aerial site plan, 3D floor plan, photorealistic exterior, interior image, daytime shot or at night? You can do this by giving us a call (07821 616725) or dropping us an email (matt@workshop76.co.uk). For more complex projects you may want to sit down and develop a brief in person.


Upon receipt of the relevant information, we will issue a price for you to consider. We understand that ours is just one of many project costs for you, so we’ll ensure a competitive fee is put together. If you have any questions at this stage, just give us a call; otherwise, it’s time to start building your image.


Okay, before we begin, we will need your design drawings to work from, along with an outline specification so that we understand what materials, if any, are to be used. The drawings are best sent via email, preferably in .dwg format, and will be used to build the basic 3D model – and don’t worry, any information you pass on to us is treated confidentially. If the image is to be used as part of a photo montage then we may need to visit site to prepare suitable background photographs to work from. Alternatively, you may have some photographs of your own that we could use.

Phase One Production

The output of this phase is a plain “clay render”, which is built in sufficient detail for you to make informed decisions about the viewing angle, camera height and composition of the image. We are able, at this stage, to accommodate minor alterations with relative ease. We understand that design development is sometimes an organic, evolving process and we will do our best to work within our agreed fee and time scale.

Phase Two Production

Having settled on an image it’s time to bring the model to life by adding materials and lighting. This is perhaps the most critical phase when it comes to adding realism to you finished image. Again, renders will be made available for your review. Even at this stage we can make adjustments if required.

Post Production

Your image will now be finalised using post-production software. Depth and subtlety will help add the finishing touches, ensuring that your image speaks very clearly about your design. Your completed high resolution image(s) will then be emailed to you, in pdf or jpg format.

Whether you are looking for a one-off image for a site board, or a series of CGIs combined into a stunning sales brochure, we are confident that here at Workshop76 there is a solution that’s right for you. And this level of quality also happens to be affordable. Just allow us to prove it. Contact us and we will help get your designs up and running. And in the meantime, take a look at some sample interior and exterior images.