Selected projects


Whitethorn 1

Whitethorn Lane, Letchworth Garden City - front elevation

This was a challenging project involving the design of a contemporary extension adjacent to a fine arts & crafts style house in Letchworth, the first Garden City. A great deal of effort was invested in presentations and liaison with LGC's Heritage Foundation, as well as the North Herts District Council planning department.

Whitethorn 2

Whitethorn Lane, Letchworth Garden City - rear elevation

Whitethorn 3

Whitethorn Lane, Letchworth Garden City - ground floor plan

Whitethorn 4

Whitethorn Lane, Letchworth Garden City - 3D photo montage

Reach 1

Ditchfield, Reach, Cambridgeshire - rear view

4-bed detached dwelling for a private developer.

Swaffham Road 1

Swaffham Road, Burwell, Cambridgeshire

A 3-bed detached dwelling featuring underfloor heating fuelled by an air source heat pump, solar panels, photovoltaic array and 150mm insulated cavity wall construction to provide excellent thermal performance.

Ickleton stair

House refurbishment and extension, Ickleton

Great Barton 1

Extension and refurbishment, Great Barton

Little Abington 1

Private house, Little Abington, Cambridgeshire

New build 5-bed detached dwelling.

Bungalow conversion, Burwell (project only)

Bungalow conversion, Burwell (project only)

Tunbridge Close 2

Bungalow conversion, Burwell (project only)

Dry Drayton 1

Private house, Dry Drayton (project only)

An interesting project which hinged on getting the most out of an awkward site. The scheme was broadly based on a triangular shaped dwelling built close to the boundary on two of its sides, with lots of natural light brought in through rooflights set within a sedum roof.

Bottisham 1

Private house, Bottisham (project only)

This project to develop a tight site in Bottisham, Cambridgeshire, was another exercise in maximising even the smallest of sites.